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• An Artificial Intelligence Workflow for Defining Host-Pathogen Interactions

Daniel H Fisch, Artur Yakimovich, Barbara Clough, Joseph Wright, Monique Bunyan, Michael Howell, Jason Mercer, Eva-Maria Frickel


Now published in eLife

• TCR-MHC Interaction Strength Defines Trafficking and Resident Memory Status of CD8 T cells in the Brain

Anna Sanecka, Nagisa Yoshida, Elizabeth Motunrayo Kolawole, Harshil PatelBrian D Evavold, Eva-Maria Frickel
Now published in Frontiers in Immunology

• Free ISG15 as a dimer generates IL-1β-producing CD8α+ dendritic cells at the site of infection

Anna Napolitano, Annemarthe G van der Veen, Monique Bunyan, Annabel Borg, Svend Kjaer, Antje Beling, Klaus-Peter Knobeloch, Eva-Maria Frickel
Now published in The Journal of Immunology