Lab Members

November 2020


It’s 2020. The Frickel Lab regularly meets on Zoom to talk about science, life and laugh together.

New in-person picture with fully up to date lab members coming soon (2021)! Hopefully…

Group Leader

Eva Frickel –

Eva Frickel  CV

Senior Research Scientist

Barbara Clough –


Robert Evans (Robbie) –

Samuel Lara Reyna –

Daniel Fisch –

Research Technicians

William Channell –

Imtiaz Solim –


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Dr Anna Sanecka-Duin. Senior Scientist Immune-Oncology at Ardigen

Dr Rabia Khan. Founder/Consultant

Dr Anna Napolitano. 3Rs Manager at Imperial College

Dr Wei Lun Ng. Postdoc in Singapore

Dr Clemence Foltz. Research Grants Coordinator at The Institute of Cancer Research

Dr Ashleigh Johnston. Civil Servant

Dr Joseph Wright. Medical Writer, Chameleon Communications

Nadia Shabbir.

Blake Gibson. Laboratory Technician at The University of Otago, New Zealand

Monique Bunyan. Senior Clinical Trial Assistant at Aimmune Therapeutics

Michael Lukumbuzya. Advanced Analyst at Boehringer Ingelheim

Malvin Siew. Production Scientist at Achilles Therapeutics Limited